PMD AMPLIFY XL, Double Chocolate Explosion



Premium Protein
Amplify XL offers a premium blend of quick release whey protein isolate, hydrolysate and concentrate, and is loaded with glutamine and amino acids. Controlled release egg protein facilitates muscle recovery two-three hours post-workout. This combination gives you both an immediate and time-release recovery mechanism. It is the ultimate post-workout protein to support protein absorption, muscle recovery, and lean muscle gains.* Amplify XL is fortified with a seeds and greens health blend to support additional health benefits (antioxidants, heart health, healthy appearance (skin), and anti-aging). The protein sources found in Amplify XL rank highest on the biological value scale.

All-in-one premium protein blend formulated for results
Complete protein for enhanced absorption, lean muscle, and recovery*
25g Protein + 1.25g Seeds & Greens Health + 300mg Digestive Enzymes + 5g Glutamine + 5.4g BCAAs
Free of: added sugar, aspartame, gluten, trans fats, soy protein, yeast, preservatives, artificial colors