For centuries, traditional Ayurvedic preparations have used
the power of turmeric and tamarind seed. Now, GNC has formulated a powerful, unique botanical blend that combines these ingredients, along with Apr?sFlex? made from boswellia serrata, into just two small pills a day to give you GNC TamaFlex? Fast Acting.

TamaFlex Fast Acting represents a breakthrough in joint health and comfort proven to help you feel better and deliver results in just five days!?*

TamaFlex Fast Acting provides 7x more joint comfort in one month?*
TamaFlex Fast Acting provides 7.5x better joint function in one month?*
TamaFlex Fast Acting provides 5x improvement in joint stiffness?* and increased flexibility^*
TamaFlex Fast Acting reduces discomfort following exercise and daily activities^*
Non-GMO, vegetarian-friendly, shellfish-free and formulated without artificial colors or flavors

^In a randomized, double blinded trial, 90 healthy adults took 125 mg of TamaFlex or placebo twice daily for 90 days. Those taking TamaFlex had improved (i) joint comfort, stiffness and function (WOMAC), (ii) walking speed and distance, (iii) use of stairs, and (iv) range of motion in the joint. Improvements were seen as early as 2 weeks for all outcomes but joint function (as early as 1 month).

?In a randomized, double-blind study, 67 adults took 50 mg of Apr?sFlex? or a placebo twice daily. Those taking Apr?sFlex? had improvements in joint stiffness, comfort and function (WOMAC) that were 5, 7 and 43 times greater vs. the placebo group after 30 days. Improvements were seen as early as 5 days.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.