Achieve your diet goals with GNC Earth Genius? Core Slimming Greens? – Citrus Twist. Shed pounds and lose inches with this daily supplement while still getting your greens..*?

Key Benefits

Features Slimvance? an innovative herbal blend made from a patented combination of turmeric, moringa and curry leaves
Contains an adaptogenic mushroom blend with six types of organic mushrooms
Delivers a wholesome blend of fruits, veggies and greens
No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
Caffeine free, gluten free, non-GMO, vegetarian
*A randomized clinical study of 140 healthy overweight people compared the use of Slimvance in conjunction with an 1800 calorie diet and walking plan to a placebo with the same diet and walking plan. Those on Slimvance lost almost 10 more pounds (-11.81 pounds versus -1.91 pounds), lost over an inch more around the waist (-2.12 inches versus -0.68 inches) and over an inch more around the hips (-1.76 inches vs. -0.48 inches) and lost more percent body fat (-1.05% versus .71%) than the placebo group after 16 weeks.

?When used in conjunction with the Slimvance? diet and exercise program.