Supports Heart and Sexual Health
GNC Mega Men? Energy & Metabolism Vitapak? Program can help increase support your cardiovascular and circulatory health. It features powder from the kola nut, which is typically native to tropical African rainforests. Traditionally, kola nuts operated as currency and were sought after for their apparent medicinal properties. This GNC energy and metabolism product contains B vitamins and caffeine that may increase help improve your endurance. The supplement contains more than 30 health-supporting ingredients. Its antioxidants help deliver protection from free radicals. The program’s supplements provide EPA that may support your circulation and ingredients that traditionally support sexual health. Take one pack per day of this energy and metabolism supplement to help increase your stamina and vitality achieve your wellness goals.

? Antioxidants to reducehelp protect against free radicals created during serious workouts
? EPA to support healthy triglycerides, good healthy cholesterol levels, cardiovascular and circulatory fitness health/wellness
? GNC Mega Men multivitamin contains B vitamins to help enhance energy production
? Thermogenics to pump up calorie burning